Why can't iOS see/find my server?

If you launch your Plex for iOS app and don't see your expected content, there could be several reasons.

Viewing the Local Device

In many cases, the issue is simply that the local device entry is selected in the app rather than having a Plex Media Server selected.

  1. Open the Navigation Menu
  2. Tap on the Location Menu
  3. Select the desired Plex Media Server

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Plex Media Server Needs Updating

Plex for iOS requires a minimum version of Plex Media Server ( or higher). You need to ensure that your server is updated and running the current server version. You can always find the current release available on our Downloads page.

In cases where your server is found, but is not running a compatible version of Plex Media Server, it will be listed with a Needs update tag. If the tag is shown, it means that server is not running a compatible version.

Tip!: If you're running Plex Media Server on a NAS, your device's package manager may not have the newest server release. You can always grab the current release from the Downloads page.

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Still Not Showing Up

If you've verified that you have a compatible version of Plex Media Server installed (check in the web app under Settings > Server > General and make sure it's newer than and you still don't see the server listed in the location menu, we have additional troubleshooting steps you can take.

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