Windows: Repeated crashing of Plex Media Server

If you experience repeated crashing of Plex Media Server on Windows, it may be caused by interference from DLLs installed by other programs (typically malware or adware).


Typical symptoms will include:

  • The Plex icon unexpectedly disappears from your System Tray
  • Plex Media Server.exe disappears from the Processes list in your Task Manager
  • This occurs repeatedly, possibly as often as every 20-30 minutes

This could also manifest as having network services/access suddenly stop working on the computer, usually requiring a reboot to fix.

Possible Cause

The repeated Plex Media Server crashes may be caused by crashes of the network-related mswsock.dll Windows library. The mswsock.dll crashes most commonly occur due to interferences from malware or adware DLLs (or, very occasionally, from DLLs for legitimate programs).

DLL List

The following is a non-exhaustive list of DLLs that have been found to interfere in the past:

  • AbEngine.dll
  • acengine.dll
  • Akyagje.dll
  • AsProxy.dll (Astrill)
  • BarracudaWSA.dll
  • BDL.dll
  • bmnet.dll
  • bmutil.dll
  • CatWSPrx.dll
  • CCL.dll
  • ColorMedia.dll
  • CovenantEyesProxy.dll
  • cwalsp.dll
  • Danelitqe.dll
  • DSBProxy.dll
  • EasyRedirect.dll
  • GfKLSPService.DLL
  • HMIPCore.dll
  • ICProxy.dll
  • LavasoftTCPService.dll (Web Companion / may be associated with 'K-Lite Codec Pack')
  • Lijrof.dll
  • Lp.dll
  • MintCastNetworks.dll
  • MyOSProtect.dll
  • MyRadioPlayer.dll
  • mza.dll
  • N1Service.dll
  • nuragoLSPService.dll
  • PCProtect.dll
  • Piiujkau.dll
  • Plsapp.dll
  • prx.dll
  • QProxy.dll (Qustodio parental control)
  • Rslsp.dll (Station Ripper)
  • SafeIPs.dll
  • secure.dll
  • sendori.dll
  • SmoothPingProxy.dll
  • STProxy.dll
  • VCL.dll
  • WebWatcherLSP.dll
  • Wetjuzbaw.dll

Search for DLLs

If you're experiencing repeated Plex Media Server crashes, you might wish to search to see whether you have any of the DLLs listed earlier on your system.

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What to Do?

If you've found that you have one of the listed DLLs on your system, you can try uninstalling the corresponding program.

Try Uninstalling Related Program

The easiest thing to do is simply to search for the DLL name in your favorite search engine. For instance, you might search Google for PCProtect.dll. That should help you identify the program responsible for the DLL. You can then try performing a standard uninstall via the Control Panel.

If you can't uninstall the program via the Control Panel or if the DLL is still present even after uninstalling, the information from your search will typically help provide steps on how to remove it.

Reset Windows TCP Stack

After removing an offending DLL, you may also need to reset the Windows TCP/IP networking stack.

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Visit the Support Forums

If you continue to have issues or have questions, please visit our friendly support forums.

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