Is Plex like Netflix?

Unlike Netflix, Plex does not provide streaming movie and TV content to you. With Plex, you can:

  • add your own media to your Plex Media Server
  • access that media using multiple Plex apps (mobile apps, connected streaming devices, Smart TVs, game consoles, web browsers, and more)
  • stream that media wherever you are by connecting to that Plex Media Server even if you're not home
  • "bookmark" online videos from sites such as Youtube or Vimeo so that you can access them through your Watch Later queue in your apps
  • install Channels on your Plex Media Server that let you stream available content from websites such as Apple Movie Trailers, Revision3, TED Talks, and more

That's a non-exhaustive list of things you can do with Plex.

Many people think of Plex as being like Netflix for their own content, but Plex does not provide content to you in the same way as Netflix or Hulu does.

Plex Pass Subscription

Plex also has a subscription service called Plex Pass, which provides additional features and benefits to subscribers. To be clear again, the subscription does not mean that Plex is providing movie or TV content to you. Among other things, an active Plex Pass subscription lets the user:

  • access most Plex apps for free, including early preview apps that are only available to subscribers
  • sync content to mobile devices for offline access (using Mobile Sync)
  • sync content to a supported cloud storage provider you have so it's available to stream even if your Plex Media Server is not accessible (Cloud Sync)
  • automatically upload photos from your mobile device to your server (using Camera Upload)
  • set up a Plex Home with customized, managed users, restrict content they can see, and easily switch between users
  • automatically add trailers and extras to movies in your library that you can stream whenever you want
  • automatically add lyrics from LyricFind to your music library, available to view whenever you want
  • and even more

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