Why are there both Plex and Plex Classic channels?

There are two Plex-related channels available for Roku players. Only the first one is actively developed.

Plex channel

This is our official Plex channel for Roku players. It's completely original and under active development. This channel was completely rewritten from the ground up and uses custom screen types to help deliver our beautiful custom channel.

Note: Our official channel is not open source and is not available to be side-loaded on devices. It is only available from the Roku Channel Store.

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Plex Classic channel

Plex Classic was our original channel on Roku players. It started out as the fruit of some awesome community developers and is an open source project. Eventually, development was handled 100% internally by Plex as various community members moved on.

Note: The channel is no longer developed by Plex, as we've moved our internal development efforts to our new Plex channel. This old version of the channel remains available to use for those with legacy Roku models or non-HD displays.

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