Plex Media Player Overview

The Plex Media Player app is designed from the ground up to be fast, powerful, stable, and to bring you closer to your personal media than ever.

Getting Started

Plex Media Player is available on range of platforms. Whether it be installing it on Windows or Mac OS X, or writing disk image to your SD Card or USB Stick for your Embedded systems such as Raspberry Pi 2 or Intel NUC, installation and initial configuration is straight forward and simple.

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Navigating the App

The app is designed both to let you easily access content as you want and also to help you find content to watch or listen to if you don't already have something in mind. This starts with the home screen, continues when you choose to view a particular library, and carries through even to viewing individual items.

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Item Preplay Screen

The item preplay screen provides a rich experience tailored to each type of media, be it browsing related movies, accessing movie extras, finding the perfect season of Archer, or simply listening to your favorite music artist.

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Media Playback

Plex Media Player offers a clean, uncluttered media viewing experience regardless of whether you're playing videos, music, or even photos in the app. You can even play music in the background while still browsing the app or viewing your photos.

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Controlling the App

There are multiple ways to control Plex Media Player, including via keyboard, mouse, or remote control.

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Enable automatic sign in, choose whether you want Cinema Trailers played before a movie, configure audio settings, adjust video playback, or even change the background style to your preferred look. All of that and more can be adjusted under the app Settings.

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Audio Configuration Guide

Plex Media Player offers powerful audio playback and bit-exact LPCM decoding of HD audio formats. Should you wish to tailor the audio configuration to your home theater setup, our handy configuration guide will help you on your way.

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