Navigating the App

Plex Media Player is designed both to let you easily access content as you want and also to help you find content to watch or listen to if you don't already know what you want. This starts with the home screen and continues when you choose to view a particular library.

Home Screen

The home screen is designed to help you quickly find interesting content or access your libraries. This is achieved by displaying several "hubs" of content, along with a simple left-hand navigation menu to access your libraries, playlists, and channels.

Tip!: You can use the  button (at the top right) from nearly anywhere in the app to quickly return to the home screen.

Desktop Mode

Click the   to switch to the desktop mode of Plex Media Player. It behaves just like the Web app in a browser. The exception is that you have a full screen button to the left of the Activity icon to switch back to the TV interface

Location Menu

The Location Menu is home to your owned, shared, and cloud servers. You can easily switch between them to access your desired media.

Green Lock

If the app can communicate securely with a media server it will be displayed with a green lock on the server icon as well as in the list of servers.

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User Menu

The User menu offers quick access to settings, switching to another user in your Plex Home, or signing out of the app.

  • Switch User - Switch to another Plex Home user. (Visible only when the user is part of a Plex Home.)
  • Settings - Access application-wide settings.
  • Sign out - Sign out of the app. This allows you to link the app to another Plex account if you wish.

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Switching Users

The app fits perfectly into your Plex Home with the help of the Switch User option where you can quickly change to any user in your Plex Home to enjoy your own personalized Plex experience.

Once you select the Switch User option in the user menu, a fast user switching screen will open and allow you to choose the desired member of your Plex Home.

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PIN entry

If the Plex account has a PIN you will be prompted to enter it when switching to that member. This PIN lets you restrict access to your account. For instance, you may have children in your Plex Home and don't want them to be able to access your account.

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Continue Watching, On Deck, Recent Playlists

Continue Watching

If you have movies or TV episodes that are recently in-progress, they'll appear in the Continue Watching area for super-quick access. If you haven't played the item for about a week, it will no longer show up in Continue Watching, but your progress is still remembered.

Tip!: In-progress content will only remain in Continue Watching for about a week. If you wait too long to continue with the item and it disappears here, you can always find it either in your movie library Discover hubs or in On Deck for television content.

On Deck

On Deck shows you television content that you're watching. If you have a whole season of content and finish episode 3, On Deck will then have episode 4 waiting for you to quickly start. In cases when you stop watching in the middle of an episode, it will be available for you to pick up right where you left off.

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Recent Playlists

Just as regular library content is presented as a"hub" on the home screen, your recently accessed playlists are now quickly accessible from the home screen. This is great for getting back to your "Marvel Movies" playlist or for that "On the move" music playlist that has just the right music to motivate your run.

Recently Added

The Recently Added areas let you see what content you've added of different types and provides quick access to that content. You can see recent additions for movies, music, photos, home videos, or television. For television content, it will even be intelligently stacked for you so that if you add an entire season of content, you'll just get a single "season" entry displayed rather than a dozen individual episode entries, for instance.

Watch Later

Videos added to your Watch Later queue via the Plex It! bookmarklet or your personal Watch Later email address will appear on the home screen for easy access.

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If a Plex friend recommends online content to you from a supported website, it will show up here.

Viewing Libraries

Along with great content discovery "hubs", the home screen also provides quick access to your libraries from the left hand navigation menu.

After selecting a library from the home screen, you have two ways to view your library, which shares a similar layout to the home screen.

  • The first is by using "hubs" which intelligently and dynamically helps you find and rediscover your media.
  • The second is by entering the full list of a library, which you do by clicking the "All <library name>" button to the left side of the screen. Here you can browse the entire library in a simple, yet powerful viewing experience that allows you to filter and sort your library to find your desired content.

Discovering your Content

The Hubs are located on the Home screen and in each Library screen. They are specially crafted to the type of content you are viewing and helps you discover (or rediscover) the media in your libraries. Be it movies by a particular director, most played music in the month of June, TV Shows from a genre, or photos taken this year, these dynamic displays help you find interesting content.

Movies Television
Photos Music

Hubs are based on your viewing habits. If there are more items associated with a Hub that can't be displayed, a More button is added beneath the Hub in which you can see a more extensive list.

The following are some examples of the kinds of discovery "hubs" that you might find in the library screens. This is not an exhaustive list, and is meant to give you an idea about the variety of ways you might explore your content.

  • Movies
    • Recently Released Movies
    • Top Movies by Ridley Scott
    • Top Movies in Action
  • Television
    • Recently Aired TV
    • Start Watching (shows that you haven't begun watching yet)
    • Rediscover (shows that you started, but haven't recently watched)
  • Music
    • Most played in May
    • More by Arcade Fire
    • Top Albums from 1995
    • Artists on Tour
  • Photos
    • Photos from 2005
    • Photos From the 2010s
    • This Month in 2009
  • Home Videos
    • Videos from 2013
    • Continue Watching
    • Unwatched Videos

Browsing the Full Library

The All button allows you to browse your full library at once, including the ability to filter and sort the contents. You can view your media in a list or grid layout, filter or sort it by a number of options, and even shuffle your library.

Movies Television
Photos Music

Action Bar

The Action Bar to the left of a library allows you Play or Shuffle the library. When doing so, these actions will apply to any current filter or sort options you've selected. So, if you've chosen to view only movies from the Comedy genre and then shuffle, it will only shuffle those comedy movies.

Filter / Sort

You can filter your libraries to find specific content, and sort them as desired.

Note: Aside from selecting the UNWATCHED filter, only a single filter can be specified at a time. For more advanced filtering such as search and combining multiple filters you can use the Plex Web app to create a smart playlist.


The  button allows you to quickly change to your preferred view for a library. You can enjoy the beautiful "poster-centric" grid view; a simple yet, clean list view; or access content based on the folder hierarchy of your media.

Below, you can see examples of the Grid, List, and Folder views.

Playlists / Channels

Your playlists and channels are accessible right alongside your libraries in the home screen navigation menu.


Playlists are presented with beautiful composite artwork helping you quickly recognize the media they contain. You can play or shuffle your favorite music playlist.

Note: Currently, only music playlists are supported. Video playlist support will be added in the future.


Plex channels provide a portal to online content which can be accessed within the Plex Media Player app.

Tip!: While it is possible to browse and view channels via the app, if you wish to add or remove channels, please use the Plex Web App.

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Accessing Your Media

Accessing your media items within the app is easy and simple. From almost anywhere you can select an item to access the preplay screen to see details, access extras and related items, or begin playback.

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