How are Plex Media Player and Plex Home Theater different?

Plex Home Theater (PHT) was our previous-generation desktop app. It is an extensively-modified fork of XBMC's (now Kodi) "Frodo" release. While using an XBMC-based player served us well for many years, we felt it was time to take the next step.

Plex Media Player (PMP) is a brand-new, custom-built app that's suitable for desktop, HTPC, and embedded/"appliance" computer use. PMP makes use of the best-in-class mpv media player to deliver unparalleled capabilities. Since the app is completely new from the ground up, it also no longer shares any code with XBMC/Kodi.

So what does Plex Media Player support which Plex Home Theater does not?

  • The best-in-class mpv engine is used for playback
  • Improved video codec support (e.g. H.265)
  • A true 4K interface
  • Shared code-base with many of our other apps (including PlayStation, Smart TVs, and Xbox One), allowing faster development
  • Streamlined interface that brings our premium desktop app in line with the rest of our big screen offerings
  • Snappier and more feature-rich UI, including better animations
  • Support for multi-channel music tracks
  • Allows for different audio delay depending on video framerate (23.976 Hz vs. the rest)
  • Native Raspberry Pi 2 port
  • Mouse support