Preferences (Plex Classic)

Preferences for the Plex App. You can access these from the Miscellaneous row on the home screen.

Plex Media Servers

Here you can manage any Plex Media Servers that are accessible to the App.

Note: If you connect the app to your Plex account then you should not need to make any changes to the following options or manually add a Server.

Add Server Manually

Allows you to manually add a Plex Media Server. Either by Hostname or IP address (without http:// or :32400)

Discover Servers

Initiates a discovery to find Servers on your local network.

Discover at Startup

When enabled the App will scan your local network at startup to find any available Servers.

Remove All Servers

This will remove all discovered and manually added Servers.

Note: If the Discover at Startup option is enabled the app will re-add any discoverable Servers upon exiting the preferences screen as well as the next time you launch the App.

Connect/Disconnect Plex account

Here you can you to choose to connect the App to your Plex Account or disconnect it.

Tip: Connecting the App to your Plex account will assist the App in discovering any local or remote/shared servers, along with activating the App if you have a Plex Pass subscription.

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This sets the quality to use when streaming content on your local network. In most cases, you can set this to a high value. Higher settings produce better video quality but require more network bandwidth.

Remote Quality

You can set the quality to use when streaming content remotely or from Channels in Plex. The quality you can reliably use is typically limited by either your download bandwidth, the upload bandwidth from the source Plex Media Server if streaming remotely, or the network speed of the source website for the Channel if you're streaming from a Channel.

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Direct Play

This allows control over how media is played on your device.

  • Automatic (Recommended) - This is the default setting which allows the app to decide whether to Direct Play, Direct Stream or Transcode based on the file format.
  • Direct Play - Only playback content that is natively supported by the Roku without Direct Streaming, or Transcoding.
  • Direct Play w/ Fallback - First try to Direct Play the content if possible and fallback to transcoding if its not supported.
  • Direct Stream/Transcode - Copy compatible audio and video streams without converting them or Transcode without trying to Direct Play the media first.
  • Always Transcode - Transcode media without attempting to Direct Play or Direct Stream first.

Note: Using the Always Transcode option is helpful if you have issues with some media files but keep in mind it will use more cpu resources on your Plex Media Server.

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Home Screen

These options allow you to choose whether or not certain items are shown on the home screen within the App.


Choose the default view for Plex It! Queues on the home screen.

  • All - Display all Queue items.
  • Unwatched - Display only unwatched Queue items.
  • Watched - Display only watched Queue items.
  • Hidden - Hide the "Queue" row from the home screen.

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Choose the default view for Recommendations on the home screen.

  • All - Display all Recommendation items.
  • Unwatched - Display only unwatched Recommendation items.
  • Watched - Display only watched Recommendation items.
  • Hidden - Hide the "Recommendations" row from the home screen.

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On Deck

Enable or hide the On Deck row.

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Recently Added

Enable or hide the Recently Added row.

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Enable or hide the Channels row.

Library Sections

Enable or hide displaying Libraries from your Plex Media Server.

Shared Library Sections

Enable or hide displaying Shared Libraries from Plex Media Servers.

Reorder Rows

Change the display order in which various content rows (Libraries, On Deck, Channels, etc) are displayed on the home screen.


Choose the displayed time format of the clock or hide it.

Remote Control

Here you can choose the friendly name of your device and allow it to be remote controlled from other Plex Apps.

Remote Control

Enable or disable the ability for other clients to control the App.


The name that will identify this Roku to other clients.

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Section Display

Change the appearance of your sections.

Remember Filters

Remember the last used filter for each library.

TV Posters

The screen type that should be used for TV Series.

  • Grid - Display TV episodes in a grid layout with one row per season.
  • Poster - Display TV episodes with one season of episodes per season poster.

Reorder Rows

Allows you to alter the order in which rows displayed at the library level.


These options allow you to choose the way subtitles are handled within the App.


Allow the Roku to show soft (also known as text-based) subtitles itself or have them burned-in to videos (resulting in the video being transcoded by the server.)

Note: In order to toggle soft subtitles during video playback within the App you will need to ensure that Captions mode is set to Instant replay in the Captions section of the Roku device settings.

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Subtitle Size

Set the size of burned-in subtitles.

Subtitle Color

Choose the color used for soft subtitles.


Here you can choose how slideshows are displayed.


Set the speed of the slideshow (the higher the speed, the less time each image is displayed on screen).

Text Overlay

Show or hide the text overlay and set how long it displays for.

Audio Preferences

These options allow you to decide how audio is handled within the App while playing content and browsing within the App.

Direct Play

Set which audio formats you would like the App to attempt to direct play when playing back music.

  • FLAC - Allow the Roku to direct play FLAC files.
  • AAC - Allow the Roku to direct play AAC files.
  • WMA - Allow the Roku to direct play WMA files.
  • MP3 - Allow the Roku to direct play MP3 files.

Note: In order for the App to direct play these formats the device the Roku is connected to such as an AV Receiver or TV must also support these formats as the audio will be sent as "pass through" to the connected device.

Loop Playback

Chose to Loop an album while playing music.

  • Always - Loop enabled by default.
  • Never - Loop disabled by default.
  • Sometimes - Loop playback when there are multiple songs.

Note: Loop can also be toggled on/off during music playback.

Theme Music

Decided how TV Theme music is played in the background while browsing.

  • Loop - Loop the playback of the TV Theme while browsing at the season or episode level.
  • Play Once - Only play the TV Theme once while browsing at the season or episode level.
  • Disabled - Disables TV Theme music.

5.1 AC-3 Support

Choose to have the App attempt to copy 5.1 audio streams or to always use 2-channel audio when transcoding.

5.1 DTS Support

Enable or disable the option to attempt Direct Play of DTS audio with-in MKV files.

Note: Direct play of DTS audio tracks requires the device the Roku is connected to such as an AV Receiver or TV to support DTS decoding as the audio will be sent as "pass through" to the connected device.

Audio Boost

Choose the audio boost level for transcoded video.

Note: 5.1 audio options are only visible if you have selected "Surround Audio" as your output in the main Roku device settings.


Here you can choose to disable the Plex for Roku screensaver which will fall back to the system default screensaver.

  • Disabled - Falls back to the system screensaver set in the Roku device settings.
  • Animated - Bounces the PLEX logo around the screen.
  • Random - Displays the PLEX logo on screen for a short time in random locations.

Note: If media is in a paused state the screensaver will use the thumbnail of the currently playing media instead of the PLEX logo.


Here you can enable logging options for the App.

Enable/Disable Logging

Enable or Disable Logging in the App.

Note: This setting needs to enabled before the other logging options become available.

Enable Remote Loging

Enable remote logging for the next 20 minutes if the App is connected to your Plex account.

Download Logs

Display steps on how to download the Roku app logs from your computer.

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Advanced Preferences

Warning!: These advanced preferences should not be altered by most users. Doing so without specific knowledge of the settings involved can result in poor or broken playback.

Grid Style

Set your Grid Style. (Requires a restart of the app)

  • Left - Left focused grid style supporting mixed aspect rows.
  • Center - Standard, centrally focused grid style.


Choose between the older, legacy transcoder or the new universal transcoder.

Tip: You should in most (if not all) cases always use the Universal transcoder. It includes numerous enhancements and speed improvements over the legacy transcoder which will be removed at some point in the future.

Continuous Play

Choose to automatically start playing the next video. (Experimental)


Use a specific H264 level. (Up to 4.1 is officially supported)

HLS Segment Length

Seconds per HLS segment. (Longer segments may load faster)


Allow the App to send anonymous usage data to help improve Plex for Roku.