Why Plex Media Player instead of continuing with Plex Home Theater?

When we sat down to discuss taking our flagship app for home theater enthusiasts to the next level, we debated long and hard on the correct course to take. One possibility was, of course, to continue with Plex Home Theater and build on that. However, in the end, we decided that the best thing for us was to strike out on a new path with a brand new app.

There are a multitude of reasons involved in our decision, but among them:

  • It allows us to share code with many of our other apps, which speeds up development, new features, fixes, etc.
  • Use the best media playback engine around: mpv. This allows playback of nearly any format you might throw at it as well as advanced features such as refresh rate switching, display sync, rich subtitle support, and more.
  • The UI can be scaled to any resolution, be it 720p or 4K.
  • We can make the app truly cross-platform, including hardware acceleration even on a Raspberry Pi 2.

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What Happens to Plex Home Theater?

The current version of Plex Home Theater is still available for download on our servers. The project itself is open source and available on GitHub. We're focusing our development efforts on making Plex Media Player the best experience possible, so we don't expect to develop any new features in Plex Home Theater. We will, however, continue to fix bugs and provide maintenance releases for some time.

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