Is Plex Media Player open source?

A big part of Plex Media Player is released under a Open Source license (GPLv2) and we are actively encouraging users to contribute and help us improve the host part of the application.

What parts of Plex Media Player are Open Source?

Plex Media Player is composed of two main components or layers. The "host" layer is the layer that interacts with your OS, plays video and music, and also loads the interface via a Chromium process. The "client" layer is our HTML5-based web-client, that's responsible for communication with as well as your media server and renders the UI you see on screen.

We are making the host layer of this application open source. The web-client layer will be downloaded from our servers during the build phase as a binary.

What parts can I contribute to?

With the host being open, you can help with the following areas:

  • Compile/port the application to new platforms that we don't officially support
  • Improve and fix bugs in the video/audio playing layer (mpv)
  • Add new input methods that require access to the OS / hardware
  • Improve key mapping and other OS integration features

What parts are not available for contribution?

Anything done in the web-client. This includes:

  • Changing / adding to the UI. (Note that we are investigating theme/skin support.)
  • Fixing bugs or improving the communication with Plex servers and cloud


We understand that some of you would like to see the application be fully opened, but currently we are opening only the parts of the application that don't affect other apps (since the web-client code base is also used in other apps such as PlayStation and Smart TVs). We hope that by making the host layer open, we can get meaningful contributions, help bring this application to other platforms, and also improve the video and audio playback.

Under what license is PMP released?

The host layer is released under GPLv2. See full license statements for third-party applications here:

Building and Contributing

You can find detailed information about both building the app as well as how you can contribute to the project in our Plex Media Player forum.

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