Example Media Optimizer Usage

Tip!: The Media Optimizer feature requires Plex Media Server version or newer.

First, you need to be running Plex Media Server version or newer.

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  1. In the web app, select the items you want optimized and choose the Optimize option. (For example, the 4 most recently added TV shows.)
  2. Choose your settings for the optimization, then hit submit. (Here, we choose to limit it to 4 items and also select the type of optimization we want - optimized for TV, in this case.)
  3. After you submit, you can follow the link and monitor the progress of the conversion. You can also go to Activity > Conversions to see it.
  4. You can manage your optimizations under Settings > Server > Optimized Versions.
  5. Selecting one will open details for it.
  6. When you play something, the appropriate version will automatically be selected or you can manually choose it in many apps. For instance, in Plex Web app, it's accessible from the ... option on the preplay screen.

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