Forum Community Guidelines

Updated: 2016-06-07

Welcome to our forums! The Plex community includes users from all corners of the globe and spans many cultures, so it's a good idea to ensure we're all approaching things the same way here. The following are guidelines to help everyone participating in these community forums to:

  1. Feel welcome
  2. Ask questions and get helpful responses
  3. Find the answers they seek
  4. Offer help to other users seeking guidance

General Guidelines

Mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration are the cornerstones of a productive community. Everyone is unique. Like our employees, users come here from all over the world, speak different languages, represent different cultures, and have many different levels of knowledge in any given subject. We must all start off or respond to a discussion with the expectation that the others participating have good intentions and are only here to provide constructive feedback or an answer they believe is true. It's fine to disagree and debate, but avoid personal attacks on community members, since that doesn't lead to a positive environment.

Help make the community a better place:

  • Respect others.
  • Assume good intentions.
  • Be polite and welcoming to new users. We were all new once.
  • Ask for help and provide assistance to others when possible.
  • Offer constructive criticism or voice a dissenting opinion, but don't be mean or disrespectful.
  • Use Emoji (Emoticons) to convey tone and help get your message across the way you intended it! ;)
  • Search before posting. It's very likely that there is already an answer or active discussion about what you're seeking.
  • Don't be afraid to identify when things could be working better in Plex software. We want to know.
  • Lead by example. Treat others even better than you expect to be treated yourself and the forums become a better place for everyone.

Things you should avoid:

  • Refrain from using obscene or offensive language.
  • Don't personally attack other community members or their comments.
  • Don't rant or otherwise harass, abuse, or intimidate others.
  • Avoid trying to game the reaction/reporting system (likes/dislikes, etc.) to promote inaccurate results or a bias.
  • This is a public space, so refrain from posting anything you don't want the world to see.
  • Stay on topic in discussions. Don't rant, troll, or otherwise try to gain attention and distract from the topic.
  • Don't spam, double post, or post the same topic, issue, or request in multiple forums. This creates clutter and confusion.
  • Refrain from promoting or suggesting illegal activity. (e.g. Posting methods to circumvent DRM or promote file sharing of copyrighted content)

This is not an exhaustive list and we rely on common sense to ensure our community forums are a healthy, fun, and informative destination for all. We reserve the right to permit Plex employees, ninjas, and moderators to edit, delete, or sink posts and threads at their discretion. Disregard for these guidelines may result in a suspension from the forum (regardless of whether or not you may have a Plex Pass subscription). In some cases, a warning may be provided prior to an action being taken.

Advertising and Sales

We love to see all the creativity and ingenuity that our community displays. Whether it's a new channel, a tool to explore data, or even a new client app, that passion helps make Plex even better for everyone. We want you to be able to tell the Plex community about it. However, blatant advertising, promotion, or posting multiple times is not permitted. Such posts will be removed without warning. If you're not sure about posting something, feel free to reach out to a moderator, ninja, or an employee in advance.

Who might you see around the community?

  • Other Plex Users : Everyone who has a Plex account is a member of the community at large. Some are new to using forums (or at least Plex's forums), while others have been visiting here for years. Everyone has the power to help contribute to making this a better community. Liking or disliking a post as well as reporting spam or abuse are actions available to everyone. The options are under the Flag action at the bottom of every post.


  • Ninja and Forum Mods : These are community members who really go above and beyond by not only helping other users, but also making the Plex community as a whole a better place. They do so by answering questions by other users, directing people to resources, and guiding the community through good practices, among other things. These users have the ability to moderate the forums by removing spam, moving topics, or editing content. This includes moderation of content that may not follow these community guidelines, such as inappropriate or offensive postings. They will also often assist with ensuring that bugs or other issues are appropriately reported to the relevant Plex development teams. It's important to note that while Ninjas do have some more direct access to the Plex team, they are not employees themselves.
  • Employees: The Plex team is composed of lots of different folks: app developers, server admins, marketing, support, the business team, and more. Regardless of their specific area, they're all employees and have the same ability to moderate these forums as Ninjas and regular Forum Mods.

How to get help through the forums

Community members who are trying to help, generally gravitate and hang out in the forum sections in which they are most knowledgeable. The best way to get the appropriate help is to find the most closely related section for the issue you are having. For instance, if you're having trouble installing Plex Media Server on a Windows computer, then the “Windows” forum in the Plex Media Server area would be the most appropriate place to post.

If you don't know the most appropriate forum for your issue or topic, there are "General" sections you can post in. Be aware that they may be moved to a more appropriate section by a moderator or ninja. (You can always find discussions and questions you've posted by looking in your forum profile.)

General Help and How To

Please take a look at our Support Site before posting in a forum. The site provides documentation, guides, answers to frequent questions, and more; there's a good chance that it already has the answers you seek. If you did not understand an article or got stuck on a step, please include the article URL and step that wasn't clear when you post in our forums so that we can improve things for the next user.

Be specific about your issue or question when posting, especially if doing so in a general area. For instance, you'll want to mention which app you're using (Android, Plex Media Player, Roku, etc.) or where you're running your Plex Media Server (iMac, Windows laptop, Synology NAS, etc.) if you're running into a problem.

When another community member requests additional information to troubleshoot the issue, promptly providing those details will assist with resolving things as quickly as possible. If you need help with getting that extra information just ask.


  • Good Detail: My file "/Media/Dr Who Season One Episode Four.iso" does not appear when I add it to my folder where I put all my movies.
  • Insufficient Detail:  My show file is not getting added.

Feature Requests

Feature requests come in all shapes and sizes. If the request is for a specific player app or version of the server, please post in the app/server specific forum section. If it is a general request that may involve the Plex ecosystem as a whole, you can post in the General Discussions. Plex Pass subscribers also have access to a dedicated Feature Request Voting forum. Include [Feature Request] at the beginning of the title of your post to help it stand out. All feedback is valued and we take the community's voice and passions seriously.

If you wish to show support for a particular feature, be sure to Like the first post in the thread. You can also reply with your own comments or thoughts, of course, but the "Like" on the post shows support for it.

While feature requests definitely help guide Plex on where efforts might be focused, they should not be viewed as a definitive list of what may be in progress. There are many factors that affect what features, apps, platforms, etc. Plex might be working on.

Reporting Issues

We work hard to provide the best experience possible, but there will always be some issues that slip through. To help give you that "best experience possible", we want to resolve these issues that do come up as quickly as possible and we appreciate the invaluable role that our users play in this. By helping gather the appropriate information and getting it to the correct people, all of you help make Plex a better product.

When you encounter something you believe to not be working correctly, please first search the forums to see if someone else has reported the same thing. Often, someone will have already posted about it, so you can add your own details as a reply. If you don't see any existing reports, then you can make your own. Be sure to find the appropriate forum for the report. For example, if you experience something with the iOS app but not the Android app, the issue is most likely isolated to iOS (and so the iOS app forum would be appropriate). If you discover the same issue is happening in multiple Plex apps, the bug could instead be a Plex Media Server issue.

Of course, keep in mind that some issues you experience may, in fact, not be "bugs". For instance, buffering playback could be caused by a slow or congested network connection or by an underpowered server. Just because it is happening to you does not mean it is happening to everyone. Computers and home networks are not identical; we each have unique setups with different equipment and software, which could all potentially affect things.

Here's what we need to efficiently analyze an issue:

  1. The specific app and/or server version being used and device it is being used on
  2. The steps to reproduce (use screenshots where appropriate)
  3. Provide current and expected behavior
  4. Log files (if possible) Log location info


Title: Crash in Android app when browsing by folder

As soon as I updated Plex Media Server last night, my Android app began crashing when I browsed a library by folder.

Server version: on OS X "Yosemite" (previously on
App Version: Plex for Android version 2.54.12 on my Galaxy S4

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Opened app
  2. Navigated to Movie Library
  3. Pressed Browse All button
  4. Changed to folder view

Expected: Library should display content by folder hierarchy.
Actual: The app crashes. :) 

Thank you for reviewing our community guidelines. Our goal for the forums is to provide a helpful and enjoyable resource for all Plex users; where mutual respect and collaboration leads the community to flourish.