Getting Started with Plex Cloud

Plex Cloud provides the simplest way to run Plex. In the past, you had to install and set up Plex Media Server on your computer or compatible NAS device at home. Then, you had to leave that device running all the time if you wanted your content to always be available. If you wanted to access the content when away from home, setting up Remote Access was required, which can occasionally be tricky in some network setups (and with some ISPs).

Plex Cloud lets you do away with all of that! It's an always-available Plex Media Server that runs in the cloud. This frees you from the need to keep a PC or similar device always on in your home to run a server. With Plex apps installed on all your devices, you can enjoy your beautifully organized collection wherever you are, by streaming from your Plex Cloud server. It can even handle transcoding (converting) your content on-the-fly to make sure it's compatible with the Plex app you're using.

The following cloud storage providers are currently supported for Plex Cloud:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive ("personal" accounts, not OneDrive for Business)

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Video: Getting Started

Watch our short video for an overview of Plex Cloud.

Upload media to your cloud storage provider

If you don't already have your media (music, photos, videos) uploaded to your desired cloud storage provider, then you'll need to do that before you can use the content with Plex Cloud. Desktop and mobile apps are available directly from each supported cloud storage provider.

  • Dropbox: The desktop app supports mounting Dropbox as a drive and you can also upload via the web browser to Dropbox's website.
  • Google Drive: The desktop app supports mounting Google as a drive and you can also upload via the web browser to Google Drive's website.
  • OneDrive: Microsoft provides OneDrive integration for Windows. For Mac, the desktop app supports mounting OneDrive as a drive. You can also upload via the web browser to OneDrive's website.

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Set up Plex Cloud for the first time

Once you have media ready in your cloud storage provider, you can set up Plex Cloud to make use of it.

  1. Sign in to Plex Web App.
  2. Click Set up Plex Cloud in the left sidebar (it will appear in the server selector if you already have access to a server).
  3. Review the message and choose Let's Do This!
  4. Select the Cloud storage provider you want to start with. (You can always add additional storage providers later, if desired.)
  5. We'll send you over to your chosen Cloud storage provider so you can give Plex authorization to access your files.
  6. Your Plex Cloud server will "wake up" and begin scanning your Cloud storage provider. (This may take a while if you have lots of content.)

Plex Cloud Settings

To open your Plex Cloud Settings page:

  1. Open Plex Web App.
  2. Select Account from the user menu at the top right.
  3. Choose Plex Cloud in the left sidebar.

In the Plex Cloud settings page you can: 

  • See the state of your Plex Cloud server. It can either be "Sleeping" or "Active". Your Plex Cloud server will go to sleep after a period of inactivity and will automatically wake up when it is being used.
  • Manually wake your Plex Cloud server by clicking Restart Plex Cloud.
  • Add or change your cloud storage providers by clicking Link, Unlink, or Reauthorize.


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