Inspecting Your Devices

You can inspect a list of all devices that have been linked to your Plex account. You can see the list in the Plex Web App.

From your Plex Account

To open the Plex Web App from your Plex account:

  1. Visit
  2. If not already signed in, click Sign In and sign in to your Plex account
  3. Once signed-in, click  - the Plex Web App loads
  4. Click  then choose Devices

Using the Devices list

The Devices list lets you inspect all devices linked to your Plex account. You can filter the list using the side-bar to make finding a particular device easier. To filter the list:

  • Click the category in the sidebar
  • Look for the device in the list

Multiples of the same device
You might notice in the list that the same device is listed several times. This is particularly common with Plex Web App, where each different browser you use is a separate instance. This won't cause any problems as Plex is smart enough to know which is the entry to use. You can remove older entries if you want.

Adding a Device

Adding a Device to your Plex account is done simply by signing it into your Plex account. To do this:
  • Open the Plex app on your device
  • Sign it into your Plex account
  • Make sure the sign-in is complete

Removing a Device

You might want to remove a device from the list. To do this:

  • Open the Devices list
  • Locate the device in the list
  • Click the red x on that device listing
  • Confirm the removal

Re-adding a Device
If you've removed a Device from the list and you want to add it back:

  • On the Device app, sign out from your Plex account
  • Sign back into your Plex account
  • The Device is re-registered and will again appear in the Devices list