Optimized Versions

Tip!: The Media Optimizer feature requires Plex Media Server version or newer, which is available as an early preview to our Plex Pass subscribers. The server release will soon be made available to all users.

Optimized Versions that have been created for the Plex Media Server. You can access these under Settings > Server > Optimized Versions in Plex Web App.

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Viewing Optimized Versions

When you've set up optimizations for media in a library, they'll appear on this page.

In the table, you'll see:

  • The name of the optimization you created
  • The profile set for the conversion
  • The current status of the conversion

If you click on a particular row in the table, you'll see information about that particular optimization.

Managing Optimized Versions

Re-Generate an Optimization

In some cases, you may have removed an optimized version. In that case, the details will indicate that as well as allow you to re-generate the optimized version.

Edit an Optimization

When you hover over a row, you can use the Edit button to edit the optimized version you set up so that you can adjust the name, for instance.

Delete an Optimization

When you hover over a row, you can use the button to delete the optimization you set up. You'll be prompted to confirm the deletion.