On your Plex Media Server, you'll create Libraries that house your media. Each Library has a type such as Movie, TV Show, etc. They also contain information like:

  • The type of media — Movie, TV Show, Music, etc.
  • Where the files can be found, e.g., on local or external hard drives
  • The metadata agent that will be used to identify the media they contain
  • Metadata about the individual items like plot summaries, actors, posters, banner images, etc.

After the Server is installed, the Setup Wizard will help you create Libraries. You can edit the ones created, or add more according to the way you want your media library presented in player Apps. Libraries currently have one of five types:

  1. Movies — Feature movies like “Gone with the Wind (1939)”
  2. TV Shows — "Dexter", "Days of our Lives", etc.
  3. Music — Your music collection
  4. Photos — Images from your hard drive or applications like Aperture and iPhoto.
  5. Other Videos — Videos you've made at home or noncommercial material that has never been broadcast (e.g., media not appearing in online databases). You can also use this type for obscure content or arbitrary video files, clips, etc. Items in Home Videos Libraries will not download artwork or other metadata from internet sources.

Tip! Before adding media to Libraries, you should make sure the files are named and organized according to the Media Preparation guide. If media files aren't named and organized in a certain way, you might see mis- or unmatched items:

  • For Movies — a mismatch to the wrong movie, or failure to collect metadata like posters, summaries, etc.
  • For TV Shows — missing TV series, episodes or shows without metadata.

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