Fix Match / Match

Matching content is typically quite accurate if you follow the Media Preparation guidelines for naming and organizing your media files. Even so, you may occasionally still have trouble matching a particular item.

In cases where the item is completely unmatched, the menu will instead simply be Match, but it otherwise works similarly.

Tip!: In earlier versions of Plex Media Server and the Plex Web App, the option was called Fix Incorrect Match instead.

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Opening Fix Incorrect Match

To access the feature:

  1. Open the details/preplay screen for the item in Plex Web App
  2. Click the ... in the top bar to expose additional actions
  3. Choose Fix Match...


Tip!: For television libraries, Fix Match... is only available at the show level (not at the season or episode level).

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Using Fix Incorrect Match

It looks like we didn't name our content well enough and our 2012 animated Disney movie Brave instead got matched as the 2007 drama The Brave One. Luckily, we can easily correct that with the Fix Match... action.


By default, when you open the Fix Incorrect Match window, a search will be performed and suggested matches will be displayed.


You'll see the name of the match on the left and then the year as well as the score for the match (out of 100) on the right.

The top match of "Brave" released 2012 looks like the correct one. If we choose that and let the metadata get downloaded, we end up with the correct result.


That's much more like it!

Sometimes, though, you may still need to do additional searching or matching.

Auto Match

Choosing Auto Match at the top of the window will open a menu with the available metadata agents for that library type.

In this case, it shows "Personal Media", "Plex Movie", and "The Movie Database", which are the agents available for Movie type libraries, by default.

Selecting an agent from the menu will automatically trigger a search using that selected metadata agent. So, even if your Movies library is set to use "Plex Movie" as the agent, you could manually have a particular item search and use "The Movie Database" instead, if you wish.

Search Options

If you select Search Options at the top of the window, you'll be able to customize the search being performed.

You can specify the name/title to search, the year, as well as both the metadata agent and language. Once you've entered the desired information and pressed the Search button, you'll again be presented with results of the search.


There are a couple of neat tricks you can use to help with matching.

  • When in a Movie library, you can enter the IMDB ID in the title and search for that. For instance, the IMDB entry for "Brave" is If you enter tt1217209 as the search term, it will search for that exact movie to try to match.
  • For a TV Shows library, you can similarly enter the TVDB ID as the title to search for that particular show. "Archer (2009) has the URL, so entering 110381 as the search term will search for that exact show.