How do I manually install a channel?

The code for a Plex channel is contained within a directory named with a ".bundle" suffix. As such they are often referred to as bundles. To install the Unsupported Appstore or other channel bundles manually, you will first need a link to the channel bundle. Sometimes the bundle will be posted on the Plex forum or available via link to download from GitHub. In order to install the channel:

  1. Download the linked file. If the link leads to a GitHub page rather than a direct download, select the "Download Zip" button on the lower right-hand corner of the page to download the zipped bundle
  2. Usually, the channel bundle will be located within a zip archive. Unzip the archive as necessary.
  3. Bundles downloaded from GitHub will usually have extra identifiers appended to the bundle's filename, such as "-master". Edit the bundle's filename to remove any text after ".bundle"
  4. Copy or move the channel bundle into the Plug-Ins folder on the computer running Plex Media Server
  5. Restart Plex Media Server to make sure that the new channel will be loaded.

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