How do I delete content using the Apple TV app?

It's possible to directly delete a movie or TV episode from within the app if you've enabled the ability to do so. Be very careful with enabling and using this ability.

Warning!: Deleting an item this way will immediately remove it from your Library and will also delete the corresponding media file. This will usually place it in your operating system's Recycle Bin or Trash, but it could immediately and permanently delete the item from your disk.

Enable Deletion

To start, you'll have to make sure that the ability to delete media is enabled for your Plex Media Server. This option is found under Settings > Server > Library.

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Delete in the App

To delete a movie or TV episode in the app:

  • Focus the poster/thumbnail for the item when viewing the library/season or from a hub
  • Click and hold the trackpad on the remote to bring up the context menu
  • Select Delete from the context menu
  • Select Yes to confirm the delete action