Adding Local Lyrics

The scanners and metadata agents used by Plex will work best when your major types of content are separated from each other. We strongly recommend separating movie and television content into separate main directories. For instance, you might use something like this:

      movie content
      music content
   /TV Shows
      television content

Warning!: Plex will do its best to appropriately find and match content. However, a failure to separate content such as movies and TV shows may result in unexpected or incorrect behavior.

Enable "Local Media Assets"

"Local Media Assets" is an Agent source that loads local media files or embedded metadata for a media item. To do this, ensure the Agent source is enabled:

  • Launch the Plex Web App
  • Choose Settings from the top right of the Home screen, then choose Server
  • Choose Agents
  • Choose Artists in the first row and then the Agent you want to change in the second row
  • Ensure Local Media Assets is checked
  • Choose Albums in the first row and then the Agent you want to change in the second row
  • Ensure Local Media Assets is checked

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Local Lyrics

Supported Lyric Formats

The following formats are supported for external/sidecar lyric files:

  • LRC (.lrc) - timed lyric file using the LRC format
  • TXT (.txt) - plain text file with lyrics

Note: Lyrics embedded in track metadata (such as ID3 tags) are not currently supported.

Related Page: Wikipedia: LRC (file format)

Naming and Organization

If you have your own lyric files, you can keep them alongside your actual music tracks. Lyrics are identified by using specific naming and must be placed in the same directory as the corresponding, identically-named music track.

  • Music/ArtistName - AlbumName/TrackNumber - TrackName.ext

Where .ext is one of:

  • .lrc (timed lyrics file)
  • .txt (basic, untimed lyrics)

(Some operating systems such as Windows may hide your file extensions by default.)

Tip!: The lyric file must be in the same directory as the corresponding music track and must be named identically, aside from the file extension.


Here are some examples of adding local lyrics.

   /Bob Schneider - I'm Good Now
      01-Come With Me Tonight.mp3
      01-Come With Me Tonight.lrc
      03-A Long Way To Get.mp3
   /Bob Schneider - Lonelyland
      01-Metal and Steel.mp3
      01-Metal and Steel.txt
      02-Big Blue Sea.mp3