Editing Libraries

Libraries can be edited once created. You might want to change the Library name or include a new source folder, for instance. When editing a Library, you can change every setting except the type (Movie, TV Show, etc.).

After editing a Library, you may want to Update or Refresh All it to apply your changes.

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Opening the Edit Window

Edit a Library as follows:

  • Mouse over a library in the left sidebar
  • Click the  button next to the library and select Edit
  • The Edit Library pane opens
  • Make the changes you want then click the Save Changes button


Edit Library Information


General information for your Library.


Edit the name of the Library.


The language to use for metadata gathered from the internet.

Each Library has a Primary Language that controls the information gathered from the Internet. If a Library's language is set to French, for example, the French plot summary, etc., will be downloaded when available.

Note: While you can change the language for a Library, you cannot retroactively update the language used for existing items. The new language will only apply to newly-added content.

Add folders

The folder or folders where you content is located.


You can alter the advanced settings if desired.

Please refer to the Creating Libraries article for details on most advanced settings.

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There is one special advanced setting that will be available for some Library types only when editing an existing Library.

Delete Preview Thumbnails

The Delete Preview Thumbnails button will allow you to delete all of the video preview thumbnails associated with this particular Library. So, for instance, if you decide that you don't want to keep your video preview thumbnails for your TV Library, you can delete those while still retaining them for your Movies Library.

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Refreshing or Updating the Library

If you alter the content location, scanner, or metadata agent for a Library, you'll want to make sure you correctly update the library to apply the changes.

  • If you added or removed a content location — Update the Library
  • If you changed the Scanner or Agent — Refresh All the Library

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