General settings for the Plex Media Server. You can access these under Settings > Server > General in Plex Web App.

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Normal Settings

Sign In

If you haven't yet signed into your Plex account on your Plex Media Server, you can do so here. Enter your username (or email) and password for your Plex account.

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Server Updates

When you visit the server settings page, a check will automatically be made to see if there is an updated version of Plex Media Server available. Information about the update status is displayed here, including the ability to download or install an update if one is available.

Friendly name

The friendly name is used to identify your Plex Media Server. This will show up for you when selecting your Server in a Plex App as well as if you share Libraries with others, for instance. You might choose a name such as "Office Library" or "Kim's Server". If you don't set a friendly name yourself, the computer's name will be used by default.

Send anonymous usage data to Plex

Plex uses information about media matching and other basic usage to help improve your experience using Plex. You can choose to help this by allowing the Plex Media Server to send anonymous data back to Plex.

Automatically check for updates

Choose whether or not your Plex Media Server will download (but not install) an update when one is available for it.

Note: If an update is available, Windows and OS X systems will be able to launch the installation from Plex Web App. For Linux and NAS users, it will provide a link to allow you to download the update for now.

Advanced Settings

Click on the Show Advanced button at the top right of the settings area to toggle display of advanced settings. Be careful when adjusting or using advanced settings.

Plex Media Server debug logging

Enable this to include debug information in the various Plex Media Server logs. This should be enabled if investigating an issue or seeking assistance by posting in the Plex support forums.

Plex Media Server verbose logging

When enabled, Verbose-level information will be included in the various Plex Media Server logs.

Warning!: This should not typically be enabled, even when investigating most issues. Only enable this if specifically instructed to do so as it can very quickly fill log files and the information is not typically useful for most troubleshooting.

Allow Plex Media Server tokens in logs

By default, your Plex tokens are not displayed in your log files. Tokens should be treated as secure information and you should generally refrain from sharing information that includes your token. Only enable this option if specifically instructed to do so during an investigation.

Update Channel

For users with a Plex Pass subscription, you can choose whether or not you look for Public or Beta (preview) updates whenever the server does a check.


Tip!: The Beta channel may have beta/preview releases available. These can have new functionality or fixes and be available early, but are also more prone to have unanticipated issues.

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OS X Specific Settings

Show in dock 

By default the Plex Media Server does not appear as an item in your Dock on OS X. (It will always appear in the top menubar.) You can enable this option to have the Server appear as a standard Dock icon.

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Ask to add a login item for externally mounted drives

When adding a source from an external or network mounted drive to a Library, you can be asked whether you wish to have that drive added to your Login Items in OS X.

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Windows Specific Settings

The path where local application data is stored

You can set the location where your Plex Media Server data directory is located. This is the path to the directory containing the Plex Media Server folder.

Note: Altering this setting will not move the data for you. You will need to ensure the data is in the desired location yourself.

Warning!: You should not specify a location that resides on a network share/disk.

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Size of IPC buffer (in bytes) when streaming transcodes

You can adjust the size of the IPC (inter-process communication) buffer.

Warning!: DO NOT adjust this if you don't know exactly what it does. This is not a setting a user should normally be changing.

Support Away Mode when preventing system sleep

The "Away Mode" in Windows is intended "to provide a 'user not present' state to the machine so you can walk away, know that your recording is going to happen (or not be interrupted) while not badgering the user with a screen, audio, etc.".

In the context of Plex, it allows the Plex Media Server to continue functioning and streaming.

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