Plex Web App Player

Plex Web App includes a player App, which allows you to access and play content directly inside a browser window. Because it's included with the Plex Media Server there's no additional software to download or install, making it a convenient way to watch your media.

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Supported Browsers

The Plex Web App Player runs in the latest version of most modern browsers like:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 or better
  • Safari

For the best possible experience, please use the latest version of the browser available. Older browsers, such as earlier versions of Internet Explorer, have limited support or may not work at all.

Playing Content with Plex Web App

Starting Playback

Plex Web App player runs from within Plex Web App. You can initiate playback of content in several ways:

  • Hover the mouse over the item poster almost anywhere and press the ► button that slides up
  • Use the Play button in the top actionbar on an item details screen
  • Hover the mouse over the poster on the item details screen and click


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Resuming Content

If the media has a Resume point set (i.e. the content has been partially played), you will be offered a choice to resume or start from the beginning. Choose which you want and the video will begin playing.

Selecting Audio or Subtitle Tracks

If a media item has more than one audio or subtitle track available, you can choose which track to use from the item details page. When multiple tracks are available, there will be a dropdown menu for the audio or subtitle tracks.

  1. Open the item details page
  2. Use the ▼ button next to Audio or Subtitle
  3. Choose the desired audio or subtitle track

When signed in to Plex Web App using the same Plex Account as is signed in to the Plex Media Server, the default selection for the audio and subtitle tracks will follow the Server's Language settings.

Note: In some cases, using using subtitles will require that the media be transcoded so that subtitles are burned into the video. In such cases, if your Plex Media Server does not support transcoding (e.g. some low-powered NAS devices) you won't be able to see subtitles.

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Play Content on a Different Plex App

If another Plex Player is available on the local network, you can use Plex Web App to initiate playback on that App instead of in Plex Web App. To do so:

  1. Make sure the other Plex App is active and connected to the same network

  2. Use the Plex Players feature in the top actionbar

  3. Initiate playback as normal and the item will start on the selected Plex App

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Player Controls

The specific controls available can vary depending on whether video is being played back via HTML5 or Flash as well as whether you're playing the content in the browser or controlling another Plex App. Not all controls are available in all situations.

Along the bottom, the following controls are available (from left to right):

  • Play/Pause: Start or pause the current playback
  • Timeline: This shows the current progress in the item as well as the full duration on the right
  • Volume: Adjust the volume of audio for the playback
  • Full Screen: Toggle between full screen and windowed views

Additional controls are available at the top right.

From left to right, these controls are:

  • Plex Players: Select from available Plex Apps and change playback to that App
  • Subtitle Tracks: Select from available subtitle tracks
  • Audio Tracks: Select from available audio tracks
  • Streaming Quality: Choose the streaming quality to use
  • Exit: Stop playback and exit the player