Require authentication for local network access

If you want to connect to Plex Web App from outside your local network, you'll be prompted to enter your Plex account username and password before you're granted access to the Plex Media Server. By default, access from within the local network won't require authentication.

In some cases, however, you may wish to require authentication even on the local network. For instance, this can be useful in shared environments such as a campus network, apartment network, or similar. The security restriction is not limited to Plex Web App; all apps will be required to provide authentication details before being able to connect.

There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this.

Note: Before going forward, be aware of the following:

  • The Server must be signed in to your Plex account
  • Make sure the Server is signed in when connecting a new app or Plex Web App. This is necessary to create the required security tokens

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Plex Home or Account PIN

This is by far the simplest method.

Set up a Plex Home

If you've already set up a Plex Home, then you don't need to do anything else. When you become part of a Home, your Server automatically changes some security-related settings, one of which requires authentication for all access to the Server.

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Enable a PIN for Your Account

Even if you're not part of a Plex Home, you can still enable a PIN code for your account. This will have the same effect as above and will put the Plex Media Server (assuming it's signed in with your Plex account) into the higher security mode.

You can set a PIN on your account in the Plex Web App under Settings > Users > My Home.

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Change Server Network Authorization Settings

If you don't want to use the preferred methods above, it's also possible to adjust what your Plex Media Server considers to be "local". That way, you can control when authentication will be required. This is controlled in the Plex Web App under Settings > Server > Network > List of networks that are allowed without auth.

In that setting, you'd enter a comma-separated list of IP/netmask that are allowed to access the Server without authentication. For instance, if you want everything except the computer on which the Plex Media Server itself resides to require authentication, you can set the value to  the "LAN IP" of the computer/device in the field.


Warning!: This is an advanced setting for a reason and we don't encourage this for typical users. Most users should instead use the first method of Plex Home or PIN.

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If you have lost access to the Server for whatever reason, you can reset the List of networks that are allowed without auth by manually editing the Server Preferences on the Server computer. For more details, see the Advanced Settings page.

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