Plex Pass Subscription Management

Users with active Plex Pass subscriptions can manage those subscriptions though the Plex website.

Tip!: If you have billing-related issues with Plex Pass subscription, please visit our website and fill out the form.

Navigate the Website

Account Details

After signing in click your account name at the top right of the website then "My Account" to get to your account profile page.


Related Page: Plex Services > Sign in to your Plex Account

Go to the Subscriptions Page

Click the Subscriptions button on your account profile to go to the Subscriptions page.

If you don't have a Plex Pass subscription, the link will take you to an informational page about Plex Pass subscriptions, which lists features and benefits as well as providing links for users to sign up for a subscription should they wish to do so.

For users who have an active Plex Pass subscription, the link will take you to a page showing details about your subscription:

Subscription Actions

You can take several actions related to your subscription. Not all actions may be available, depending on your current subscription plan or payment method.

Note: Subscriptions started through iTunes via our iOS or Apple TV apps can only be managed through iTunes see here. If purchased though Amazon it can only be managed through Amazon see here

Cancel Your Subscription

You can use the cancel your subscription link to cancel an active subscription. Doing so will stop any recurring payments. You will retain access for the remainder of the current subscription period. (e.g. If you're on a monthly subscription and you cancel halfway through your month, you will retain access for the duration of that month for which you've already paid.)

If you do cancel the subscription, the Subscriptions page will list the ending date for the subscription as well as offer the ability to restart it before it expires.


The benefits link will lead to a page that shows current benefits and features available to Plex Pass subscribers.

Upgrade Your Plan

You may use the upgrade link to upgrade your subscription to a new plan level. For instance, you can upgrade from a monthly to a yearly or Lifetime subscription.

When upgrading:

  • The initial payment for the new subscription will be reduced by the pro-rated amount left in the current subscription period (see note below)
  • If upgrading to a recurring subscription, subsequent renewals will be at the standard rate

Note: Upgrade pro-rating does not apply to subscriptions started in iTunes, Google Play, Amazon or Roku app stores or Gifts

PayPal Users

Users who started a subscription via PayPal before September 29, 2014 won't immediately be able to upgrade their subscription. They'll see something like this:

Before the ability to upgrade the subscription is available, you'll need to use the Add a recurring payment method link to add payment information to the account. Once you complete that, you can then upgrade to a different subscription plan if you wish to do so.

View and Modify your Billing Information

You can view and modify your billing information if you'd like to see what your current information is or if you need to make changes.

Billing Information

On the resulting page, you'll see (masked) information about your current billing details.

Note: We do not store any of your billing details on our servers. The data is encrypted and securely stored by Braintree. A copy of the Braintree security policy is available here.

The Edit Billing Information link here will let you edit the billing details

Edit Billing Information

Here you can change or update the billing information for your subscription. You have an option to pay by either PayPal or credit card.

  • For PayPal, a new window for the PayPal website will open for you to sign into your PayPal account
  • If using a credit card, be sure to enter the correct expiration date, CVV, postal code, and country for the credit card.

Note: Pre-paid and debit cards may not be accepted by the payment processor. If you have issues, try a standard credit card or PayPal.


The Payments page is accessible from your account profile and allows you to see previous payments in your subscription.

Payments Table

Transactions associated with the subscription are displayed in a table.

The view link can be used to see a receipt for that particular transaction.

Viewing a Receipt

After following the view link, a receipt for the transaction will be presented.

The Print button can be used to print or save the receipt if desired.