Why are there old or duplicate Server entries in the Dashboard sidebar?

Sometimes, you may see duplicate entries in the sidebar on your Dashboard in Plex Web App. Alternatively, you may see a listing for a Plex media Server that you no longer have.

This is typically caused by one of two things:

Cached Connection Information

Issues like this are most typically caused when Plex Web App has some old connection information cached. That case is easy to solve, though:

  1. Sign out of Plex Web App via the Account dropdown (this clears the cache)
  2. Sign back in to your account

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Old Server Entry

Sometimes you may have an old or duplicate Plex Media Server entry registered with plex.tv.

    1. Open the Plex Web App
    2. Make sure you're signed in
    3. Go to Settings > Devices
    4. Select Server in the list on the left
    5. Use the X button for any duplicate Plex Media Server entries that no longer actually exist