How do I leave a Plex Home?

Leaving a Plex Home is easy to do. However, make sure you really want to do so as there could be permanent consequences.

To administer the Plex Home, go to Settings > Users > My Home in the Plex Web App.

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On the My Home page, you can use the Leave Home button to leave the Plex Home.

Note: Leaving a Plex Home will not remove any PIN you have set on your account. If you wish to remove a PIN, you need to do that separately.

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Plex Home Admin

The admin of a Plex Home can't technically "leave" the Home in the sense that the Home will still continue. Instead, if the admin leaves, it will destroy the Plex Home entirely. When an admin leaves a Plex Home:

  • Managed Users will be immediately destroyed
  • Regular Plex accounts will be removed from the Home

Warning!: Leaving the Plex Home as the admin will permanently destroy that Home and will immediately (and permanently) delete any existing Managed Users.

When you click the Leave Home button, you'll be prompted to confirm the decision.

Note: If you've shared Libraries with a regular Plex account that was a member of the Home, you will still have them under your Friends and the Library sharing will still exist.

Non-Admin Member

If a regular, full Plex account (not a Managed User) is a member of a Plex Home, they can choose to leave the Home. If they leave and are not the last (non-admin) member of the Home, then the Home will still exist even after they're left.

When clicking the Leave Home button, a prompt will appear to confirm the decision.

Tip!: Even after leaving a Plex Home, you will still remain Friends with the admin and any existing Library shares will remain.