There are several common issues that can cause problems for the Transcoder.

Re-Analyze Media

When media is first scanned into the Library, its properties are analyzed for various details. Rarely, this process may go astray and not be completed. If you're experiencing problems like:

  • The incorrect duration for a show being reported in the App
  • Media stopping before its proper end
  • Media playback fails on an App — "Playback could not proceed"

These situations are commonly caused by bad media analysis. You can re-analyze the media using Plex Web App.

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Oddly Encoded Media

There are many different ways to encode media. Sometimes, media is encoded in an odd way by these tools or the settings used to make the encode. Media like this might cause problems when being transcoded, or played back in an App. If you're experiencing problems playing back a particular media file:

  • Confirm you can play or transcode other media
  • Try a more standard setting for the encoder if you've tweaked them and re-encode the media
  • Provide a sample of the video to the Plex engineers via the Plex forums

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