Finding an authentication token / X-Plex-Token

While not something most users will need to worry about, sometimes you may need to find the value for an account authentication token, which might be referred to as the X-Plex-Token value.

The most common reason you might need it is for debugging purposes when trying to access server endpoints or XML via URL. When you have the Plex Media Server signed in to an account, the server always requires authenticated access, which is where the token comes in.

Tip!: The method explained in this article will get you a token that is valid temporarily. If you're working on a tool or app that needs more permanent authentication, please instead use the method outlined in our third-party development forum.

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Finding the Token

Finding a temporary token is pretty simple:

  1. Sign into your Plex Account in Plex Web App
  2. Browse to a library item and view the XML for it
  3. Look in the URL and find the token as the X-Plex-Token value

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Using the Token

If you're accessing via a URL, you'll need to pass it as a URL parameter. For instance:


Getting a New Token

In rare cases, you may find yourself wanting to invalidate an existing token so it no longer works and get a new one. This isn't something most users will need to do.

The easiest way to do so is to go to your Plex account profile, choose to change your password, and check the Sign out connected devices when setting your new password option when entering the new password.

This will invalidate all of your tokens and, as the implies, sign all of your apps (and any Plex Media Servers) out of your account. When you then sign back in, you'll re-authenticate and get a new token.

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