Which Smart TV models are supported?

The Plex for Smart TVs app is available on a wide range of television models by multiple manufacturers.

Tip!: Official "Android TV" television sets will run our normal Android app, available from the Google Play store. That's a different Plex app than is discussed here.


Our app is available on LG television models running the following software:

  • NetCast (2013 models)
  • webOS Lite
  • webOS 1.0
  • webOS 2.0
  • webOS 3.0
  • webOS 3.5


The app is available on 2016 and newer model year Samsung sets that are Tizen-based. The exception is for users located in Brazil, China, or Iran; the app is not currently available for users in those countries.

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The app is available through the Opera TV Store for many 2013 and newer Sony Bravia models. (Note that the Opera forum list does include models older than 2013, which are not supported by the Plex for Smart TVs app.)

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Plex is available on many Series 4 and newer TiVo devices. TiVo devices provided through a TV provider often have various licensing deals in place, which can affect app availability.

Tip!: If you get your TiVo device through your television provider, you can contact them to inquire about availability.


The app is made available through the Smart TV Alliance for Toshiba televisions. You can find the list of supported Toshiba models on the Smart TV Alliance website.

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VIZIO Televisions

Supported Models

Most 2013 to 2016 model VIZIO televisions are supported. You can determine whether a model is compatible:

  • If the app store is named Vizio Internet Apps Plus, then the model is compatible
  • If the app store is named anything else (including just "Vizio Internet Apps"), then the model does not currently support the Plex App

Note: 2017 model VIZIO televisions are not currently supported, but we're actively working with VIZIO to bring in support.

Downloading the App

Open the Vizio Internet Apps Plus store on your television. You can find and download the Plex App there.

Other Televisions

Other television models and manufacturers aren't currently supported by our Plex for Smart TVs app. We're always working to expand our compatibility, though, so new models or brands may gain support in the future.

Instead of the Plex for Smart TVs app, some brands and models are able to run other Plex apps.

Roku TV

Roku TV models can run our regular Plex for Roku app, which is available by default on all Roku TVs.

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Samsung Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart Hub app is created by a talented community developer. It isn't directly developed by Plex.

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