When playing content on your Sonos using Plex, the playback and controls will be familiar from other Sonos services. Depending on what you've chosen to play, there may be slight differences in the experience.

Playing a Queue

In general, when you browse in to your library and start playback, it will usually be using Sonos's normal "Queue". That's the case if you just choose to play a particular track, an artist or album, or even a playlist.

Playing through a Queue should be a familiar experience. You can pause playback or move forward or backwards in the Queue. You can also open the Queue to view the contents, where you can jump to a different song or perform other familiar Queue actions.

The vertical ... menu will let you access details about the currently playing track.

Playing a Radio

If you start a Plex Mix or you shuffle your full library, playback will instead be treated like a "Radio" by Sonos.

That does mean there are a few limitations associated with the playback which don't exist when playing through a Queue:

  • You can't open the Queue or view upcoming tracks
  • It is not possible to go back to a previous item
  • You can't seek within a track during playback

These should be familiar if you've played a Radio type item with Sonos before.

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