Personal Media Movies

Standard Naming

If you have a number of videos that don't follow a common theme (e.g. just a number of videos rather than a series of movies of your Christmas Holiday), you can add them to a Library using the Movie > Personal Media metadata agent. You should ensure you're not storing your Personal Movies in the same location as your regular Movie media collection. The media can be named any way you like. The name of the file is what will appear in the Plex App.

/Home Videos
   Picnic in the Park.m4v
   Playing with the dog.mkv
   Visiting our

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Using Embedded Metadata

Some video filetypes (e.g. MP4, M4V, MOV) allow you to embed metadata within the file. If your files have embedded metadata, that information can be used. To do so, ensure that the Local Media Assets source is enabled and ordered correctly.

Enable "Local Media Assets"

"Local Media Assets" is an Agent source that loads local media files for a show. To do this, ensure the Agent source is enabled and topmost in the list. To do this:

  • Launch the Plex Web App
  • Choose Settings from the top right of the Home screen
  • Select your Plex Media Server from the horizontal list
  • Choose Agents
  • Choose the Library Type and Agent you want to change
  • Ensure Local Media Assets is checked
  • Ensure Local Media Assets is topmost in the list

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