Settings related to your Libraries on your Plex Media Server. You can access these under Settings > Server > Library in Plex Web App.

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Normal Settings

Update my library automatically

When a change is detected in the source location for a Library's content, the appropriate Library will be updated.

Note: This function relies on the computer's operating system providing the "something changed" trigger. Some operating systems don't provide this trigger and content mounted via a network will also typically not work. If your Library doesn't automatically update, you may have to set a periodical refresh or do it manually.

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Update my library periodically

Turning this on will cause your Plex Media Server to run updates on your Libraries using the designated interval.

Library update interval

Choose to update all of your Libraries on a time-based interval. Choose the interval to use from the dropdown. Available frequencies:

  • every 15 minutes
  • every 30 minutes
  • hourly
  • every 2 hours
  • every 6 hours
  • every 12 hours
  • daily

The update interval is based on when the Plex Media Server is started. For instance, if you have it set to "every 6 hours" and you start your server at 12:35pm, then an update will be started around 6:35pm.

Empty trash automatically after every scan

Choose to empty the Library Trash after every update. With this option enabled, when an item's file is deleted from the drive, it will be removed from the Plex Library on the next scan. Disabling this option keeps the item in the Library with an indicator superimposed over the item's poster when the item is removed.

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Generate video preview thumbnails

This option creates a series of preview thumbnails from a media item when it is analyzed. Creating these images can take a considerable amount of time, CPU resources, and increase the storage space used. The images are stored in your Plex database so be careful you don't fill the drive!

These images are used by some Plex apps when you move back and forward in an app with the timeline scrubber. They'll also be displayed in Now Playing when someone is streaming from you so that you can see where they are in the video.

  • never - never generate thumbnails.
  • as a scheduled task - generate thumbnails during the regular server maintenance period.
  • as a scheduled task and when media is added - generate thumbnails for new items when they're added and for existing items during the regular server maintenance period.

Warning!: Be careful about enabling this feature prior to adding a large amount of content to your Library. Doing so may mean that your Server will be generating index files for hours or even days.

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Generate chapter thumbnails

Chapter thumbnails provide images in the chapter view on supported apps. They can take a little time to generate and consume very minor additional disk space. We recommend using the default as a scheduled task value.

OS X Specific Settings

Display notifications

Display system notifications when updating Libraries.

Advanced Settings

Click on the Show Advanced button at the top right of the settings area to toggle display of advanced settings. Be careful when adjusting or using advanced settings.

Run a partial scan when changes are detected

When changes to library folders are detected, only scan the folder which changed rather than the entire content location. This works together with the normal Update my library automatically setting (and requires that setting to be enabled).

Allow media deletion

Plex apps (signed in with the same Plex account as the Plex Media Server) will be able to delete media from the library. Users with which you share your server will not be authorized to delete media, even with this setting enabled.

Deleted items will be immediately removed from your Library and the corresponding media file will also be deleted. Most operating systems will place the file in the system Trash or Recycle Bin, but it's possible the file will be permanently deleted immediately.

Warning!: Be careful enabling this setting as it allows actual source media files to be deleted from your system.

Note: Shared users cannot delete media through an app, even with this option enabled. Only the server owner account can delete media.

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Weeks to look at for On Deck

Lets you choose how many weeks to check for content to be included in the On Deck data for a Library. The default value of 16 weeks is good for the vast majority of users. You can lower the value if your On Deck is particularly slow to appear. (Increasing the value can cause On Deck or app dashboards to be slower to appear.)

Run scanner tasks at a lower priority

On low-powered systems (e.g. ARM-based NAS devices), it can be beneficial to run scanner tasks at a lower priority than other tasks. This can help ensure they do not interfere with regular streaming.