Create a New Share

You can easily share one or more of your Libraries with family or friends.

Before you Begin

Sign in on the Server and Enable Remote Access

Your Plex Media Server needs to be signed in to your account. Make sure you've done so under Settings > Server > General.

If you'll be sharing with someone away from where you live (i.e. outside your local network), then you will also need to enable Remote Access so that your server will be accessible to them.

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Share the Server

Open Plex Web App to Access Users

You can access these under Settings > Users in Plex Web App.

Alternatively, you can also access the Users item under the Account dropdown at the top right.


Click the Friends menu option on the left to access your Friends.

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Invite a Friend

Click the Invite Friend button to open the invite wizard.

Username or Email

Put in the username or email address for the Plex account you wish to invite. If the email address you use isn't associated with an existing account, the invited friend will be able to create a Plex account.

Select the Server

Plex Media Servers associated with your Plex Account will be available on the left side. For each Server, you can choose whether or not to share content with the friend.

You can leave All Libraries selected or you can unselect it to choose only individual Libraries to share.

Set Restrictions

Restrictions allow you to more finely control access to content you share. You can choose whether or not the friend is able to sync shared content, use Camera Upload, or access channels. You can also select specific content ratings from your Library to share as well as content that you've set with a specific Label.

Tip!: Restrictions beyond Allow Channels require an active Plex Pass subscription for the main Plex Media Server account.

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Invitation Email

Once you share a Library, an invitation email will automatically be sent to the person with which you shared your content. Once they accept the share invitation (either via the email or through their account online), they'll be able to see the content you shared!

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