Restricting the Shares

Tip!: Setting access restrictions when sharing content requires an active Plex Pass subscription for the main Plex Media Server account.

Restrictions allow you to more finely control access to content you share. You can choose whether or not the friend is able to sync shared content or access channels. You can also select specific content ratings from your Library to share as well as content that you've set with a specific Label.

You can set restrictions when you create or edit a Friend or Plex Home user.

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Setting Restrictions

Allow Sync

When enabled, users are able to make use of Mobile Sync to sync content to their mobile devices.

Warning: Creation of sync content can require both CPU usage and disk space on your Plex Media Server. Be cautious allowing sync for shared friends.

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Allow Camera Upload

When enabled, shared users can make use of the Camera Upload feature to upload media to your Plex Media Server.

Warning: Users will be able to create albums and upload photos into a photo library. They'll be adding new content to your Plex Media Server.

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Allow Channels

Shared users can access channels installed on your Plex Media Server when the option is enabled and they're using a supported Plex app.

Note: Not all Plex apps support shared channels. In addition, all installed channels will be shared and shared users will not have their own settings for any channels that have preferences.

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Select which content ratings from movie or TV Libraries you wish to share. For instance, if you choose G, PG as the restriction, then only content that is rated either G or PG will be shared (aside from content you may share via Label; see below).

The drop-down will auto-populate with ratings from the movie Libraries you chose to share as well as a default set of "US" ratings.


You can create arbitrary Labels when editing Library content. When sharing, you can then choose to include a particular Label to have content matching that Label shared.

Tip!: If you specify particular ratings, then content matching the chosen Labels will be shared in addition to the ratings. If you have no ratings specified, then only content matching the Labels will be shared.

To apply a Label to content, you can edit the Library item and then add the Label under the Sharing tab.

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