Settings: Plex for iOS

The iOS app allows you to adjust a number of settings. You can access these from the Settings entry in the Navigation Menu.


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Activate and Upgrade

Here you can subscribe to a monthly Plex Pass subscription, unlock the app though a one-time purchase if you're not interested in a subscription, or restore your previous purchase if you bought the app in the past.

Note: The Activate and Upgrade option will be shown only if the app isn't already activated either by a subscription or purchase.

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Sign In

If you have an existing Plex account you can enter your username/email and password for the account, then tap Sign In to sign the device into your account. If you have the 1Password app installed on your device you can use the 1Password button to log into the app using your credentials saved in 1Password.

Sign Up

If you do not have a Plex account you can tap Sign Up to create a new Plex account and automatically sign the app into the new account.

Sign Out

Should you wish to disconnect the app from you Plex account you can simply tap Sign Out to sign your Plex account out of the app.

Tip!: Signing into your Plex account will assist the app in discovering any local or remote/shared servers, along with activating the app if you have a Plex Pass subscription.

Automatically Sign In

If you're in a Plex Home, you can use this option to have the app automatically sign in to the currently-selected user and bypass any PIN for that user. This might be useful if you're the only one that ever uses your phone and you don't want to be bothered by the user menu appearing.

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Cinema Trailers

Choose how many Cinema Trailers to play before a movie starts.

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Theme Music

Adjust the volume of the Theme Music played while browsing TV Shows.

Tip!: Dragging the volume slider all the way to the left will turn off Theme Music.

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Auto Play

When the Post Play screen is presented after playback, choose whether an "up next" video should be played automatically after a short countdown.

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Use Cellular Data

If enabled, Sync will use cellular data (if no WiFi connection is available) when performing a sync. This option is only visible for devices that have a cellular/mobile connection.

Storage Limit

Set a limit on the amount of local storage space that Mobile Sync can use for synced content.



Video Quality

Limit Cellular Data

You can choose to have Plex automatically limit the video quality when playing video over a cellular network to reduce your data usage. This option is only visible for devices that have a cellular/mobile connection.


When enabled, you will be able to choose from several quality options.

Internet Streaming

Adjust the quality used when streaming content over the internet (either from a remote Plex Media Server or from an online source).


Choose the desired quality level. Higher qualities will require a faster network to support. If you set the quality too high, you will experience slow video playback and frequent pausing.

Play Smaller Videos at Original Quality

When enabled, the app will try playing the original video without conversion if it's smaller than the quality set above. When possible, that will preserve the full quality, but may result in some pausing.

Home Streaming

This controls the quality used for local Wi-Fi streaming on a home network.

Use Recommended Settings


When recommended settings are enabled, the app will automatically try to play videos smaller than 20 Mbps at original quality. We recommend leaving this setting enabled.

Home Streaming Quality


If the recommended settings are disabled, you can manually choose the quality limit for home streaming.

Music Quality

Internet Streaming

Select the maximum streaming quality that is allowed for music/audio playback when streaming over the internet. This can be used to help reduce the bandwidth (or data) used when remotely streaming high-quality audio.

Camera Upload

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Camera Upload

Once you have configured Camera Upload to your liking, you can toggle it On/Off using this option.

Note: In order to make changes to following settings, you will first need to turn off Camera Upload. Once the settings have been changed, you can re-enable Camera Upload.


Select an existing photo library on your server or create a brand new library to store your uploaded photos.


You can choose to have your photos uploaded to a specific album within the library. Pick from existing albums, create a new one, or leave it at "None" to add directly to the main library.

Upload Automatically

You can choose to have your photos automatically uploaded in the background when new ones are discovered. If disabled, you'll need to manually start each upload.

Use Cellular Data

Decide whether you wish to have your photos uploaded even when your only have a cellular connection. Disabling this option means you'll only upload when connected to WiFi. This option is only visible for devices that have a cellular/mobile connection.


Camera Roll

Allow other Plex apps to access photos and videos from your device's local Camera Roll.

Synced Content

Allow other Plex apps to access content synced to your iOS device via Mobile Sync.

Remote Control

Advertise as player

Enable or disable the ability for other Plex apps to fling content to the iOS device and control it remotely.

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Warning: These advanced preferences should not need to be altered by most users.



Prefer Synced Content

When enabled, the app will play synced versions of your media (when available) instead of streaming from your Plex Media Server.

Burn Subtitles

Determines if the server should burn in subtitles when converting video, depending on the subtitles format. Avoiding burning in subtitles improves server performance. Available choices:

  • Always - When used, subtitles will always be burned into the video, regardless of the original source type of the subtitle.
  • Automatic - (Default) Burn in subtitles when the subtitle is an image-based format (e.g. VOBSUB, PGS, SUB/IDX, etc.) as well as for complex ASS/SSA subtitles.
  • Only image formats - Only burn in subtitles when the subtitle is an image-based format (e.g. VOBSUB, PGS, SUB/IDX, etc.)

Watch Later

Ask to Queue Copied URLs

When enabled, if the user has a URL currently in the iOS clipboard, the app will prompt to add the URL to the user's Watch Later queue.

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Server Connections

You can manually specify the IP address (IPv4) and port for a Plex Media Server to which you want to connect.

Tip!: So long as you sign in to your Plex account in both the iOS app and your Plex Media Server, the app will automatically have connection information for the server and you won't need to use this.


Usage Statistics

Allow Plex to improve your experience by contributing to usage statistics.

View Privacy Policy

Links you to our website to view our privacy policy.

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Reset Cache

Tapping on this will prompt you to clear any cached data within the App. You will be prompted to confirm this operation.

Reset Camera Upload

Tapping on this will prompt you to clear all Camera Upload information on the device, resulting in the need to reconfigure Camera Upload. You will be prompted to confirm this operation.

Help & Support

Visit Plex Support

Tapping this will open your mobile browser and take you to our Support Site.

Visit User Forums

Tapping this will open your mobile browser and take you to the Plex Community Forums.


This will open the Debugging menu (see below).


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Verbose Logging

When enabled it will set the app to log additional information. You should generally only enable this option if specifically requested to do so for troubleshooting.

Send Logs to Plex

This option will allow you to temporarily send logs to Plex over the network. Once enabled, the app will send logs for 20 minutes.

Tip!: Only enable network logging if you're also reporting details about an issue in our support forums. Network logs are not proactively reviewed.

Share Debugging Data

Using this option will open an email in your default email application. The message will have a zip file attached that will include detailed app logs (often up to several days' worth) as well as local device state data that's useful for investigation.

If you're having an issue with the iOS app, you can use this option to email the zip file to yourself and then attach the zip to a forum thread where you post details about the issue.