Agents are used to first match your media with on-line databases then fetch information like posters, plot synopsis, etc. Each library has a metadata gent set when it is created. Generally, it's not necessary to change the agent settings, but you can if you like. Changing agent settings let you influence which on-line resource is used to gather the information.

These settings are accessed under Settings > Server > Agents in the Plex Web App.

  1. Library type
  2. Primary Metadata agents for the selected library type
  3. Available sources for the selected primary metadata agent

Adjusting Agent Settings

Once you choose the library type (1) and select a particular primary metadata agent (2), you'll see a list of the sources available for that primary metadata agent (3). Here, you can adjust their priority as well as alter individual metadata source options where applicable.

Source Priority

You can adjust the order of the metadata sources, which sets their priority. To do so, grab the "handle" indicator on the left and drag up or down to re-arrange the source order. The priority helps determine from where you get your metadata.

For example, in the "Plex Movie" metadata agent for movies, both and CineMaterial are included as possible sources for artwork. If you prefer artwork from more, then you can put that as a higher priority. If a piece of metadata isn't available from your first source, then the agent will fallback down the priority list until it finds a source with that information.

In most situations, people will prefer to have "Local Media Assets" as the first metadata source so that things like local artwork will be used.

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Source Options

Some metadata agent sources have options associated with them. These can be accessed via the cogwheel icon in the source list:

Not all sources have options. Most users should simply leave the default values for the sources.

Agent Types

There are five types of metadata agent, which correlate to the different Library types:

  • Movie
  • TV Show
  • Artists (Music)
  • Albums (Music)
  • Photos

Movie Agents

Movie Agents can fetch information from local or internet based sites for information about your Movie media. There are 3 Agents available:

Personal Media

The Personal Media Agent is designed for media that won't appear in any online database and so won't have any metadata available. Use it for media like Home Videos, corporate videos, etc.

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Plex Movie

The "Plex Movie" agent is the default agent used to gather Movie metadata. This is a comprehensive agent, which pulls information from a number of different metadata sources, including IMDb, The Movie Database, and Rotten Tomatoes, among others.

The Movie Database

"The Movie Database" agent gathers metadata from and local assets. We encourage users to instead use the regular "Plex Movie" agent and simply adjust the agent options to pull desired information from The Movie Database.

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TV Show Agents

There are three primary metadata agents available for TV Shows:

Personal Media Shows

The "Personal Media Shows" agent is used to identify media files that haven't been broadcast and so don't appear in on-line databases. Shows scanned using this agent will be presented like a TV series. This is useful if you have a set of videos from a single event, like a wedding. If Local Media Assets is enabled for the agent, any embedded metadata in the files will be used for that show.

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"TheTVDB" agent is the default metadata agent used to gather TV Show metadata.

The Movie Database

"The Movie Database" agent gathers metadata from and local assets. We generally encourage users to use TheTVDB agent for television content instead, but some users may prefer the metadata available from The Movie Database for television.

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Music Agents

There are three primary metadata agents available for Music:

Personal Media Albums

"Personal Media Albums" is designed to recognize albums that have not been released commercially and so won't appear in online music databases. Metadata embedded in ID3/MP3 etc files will be read and used if Local Media Assets is enabled.

Plex Premium Music

"Plex Premium Music" is used when a Premium music library is created (available to Plex Pass subscribers). This includes sonic fingerprint matching and premium metadata via Gracenote, among others.

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"" is the default agent used for non-premium music libraries. Note that if you choose for your Music library, it will be used as the primary agent for both artist and album metadata, but you can choose the relative priority of Personal Media and for artists and albums independently in these settings.

Photos Agents

There is a single Agent available for Photos:

  • Photos

The Photos Agent is used to recognize image files and add them to the library.