Plex Pass Feature Overview

A Plex Pass subscription gives access to numerous features and benefits.

Live TV and DVR

Hook your local Plex Media Server up to a compatible tuner and digital antenna to let you watch and record free, over-the-air broadcasts available in your area. Record content into your library to gain all the benefits of other content: beautiful metadata, access anywhere and any time, share with your family, and more. Or watch content live, wherever you are, on tons of devices.

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Plex Cloud

Plex Cloud is an always-available Plex Media Server that runs in the cloud. This frees you from the need to keep a PC or similar device always on in your home to run a server. With Plex apps installed on all your devices, you can enjoy your beautifully organized collection wherever you are, by streaming from your Plex Cloud server.

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Plex Home (Parental Controls)

Control the media that your friends and family can access, both in and out of the home. Plex Home allows you to create customized, managed accounts, and restrict content those users can access. Restrict based on content ratings, or share specific items. Buy one Plex Pass for your home and share benefits like free apps.

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Premium Music Libraries

Take your music experience to eleven! Enjoy better artwork and artist bios, album reviews, improved matching, automatic lyrics from LyricFind, and more.

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Mobile Sync

If you're flying across the Atlantic, taking a subway to work, or even just relaxing in the park, you can still play your content! Use Mobile Sync to load copies of your content on your phone or tablet so you can use it when you don't have internet access. Mobile Sync also helps make sure you always have the next episode of your favorite show ready for your commute.

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Cloud Sync

Now you can have your Plex Media Server automatically optimize a copy of specified items from your library and upload the copy to a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. That way, you can stream content even if your Server isn't accessible!

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Camera Upload

Wirelessly sync photos from your phone or tablet to your Plex Media Server. This makes sharing special snaps with family and friends easy, lets you stream those photos to other Plex Apps, and allows you to free up space on your mobile device.

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Early Access

Users with an active Plex Pass subscription often get early access to new features or apps. For instance, both Chromecast support and Plex Home Theater were available to Plex Pass subscribers prior to being released for all users.

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Preview Releases

Get access to preview release versions of many apps such as Plex Media Server, Plex Media Player, and more.

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Member-Only Forums

Get access to special member-only forums where you can pose tough questions, discuss preview release Apps, or vote on features & bugs.

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Free Access to Plex Apps

Enjoy free access to the Android, iOS, Windows, and Windows Phone apps on us!

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And Even More

Subscribers have access to even more features and benefits. For instance, subscribers can have trailers and extras automatically retrieved for movies in their library.